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8 August
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Hai, I'm DSC. I have a proper blog at wordpress (which I won't link to directly because if you're not smart enough to figure out who I am, you really don't need to be reading my blog anyway), and this is where I dump the crap that I want to put out there, but don't necessarily want to crap up the blog with.

Like I say on Proper Blog, I can't tell you exactly what you'll find here, because I don't even know myself, but hopefully there will be something someone likes (even if that someone is really just me). I can tell you that poorly thought out stream-of-consiousness things, geeky comic book related posts, and a sims 2 legacy sort of thing are kinda planned.

Things you should probably know... I will occasionally refer to myself in third person; my sentences will either be really long with semi-colons linking them and parenthetical asides and shit, or all short and choppy; I've been known to use words that stopped being cool years ago completely unironicly; I tend to listen to only the shittiest music known to man; I CAPSLOCK words for emphasis (and use a lot of EMPHASIS when I speak), I swear like a mother effing sailor; I'm a super-ginormous geek; and I suck ass at making user info pages not suck.

I have a Sims 2 Legacy that sucks is on hiatus until the point at which I decide to update it, and I'm known to rant about crap, and have recently started recording said rants, creating slideshows to go with them, and posting them on YouTube. Phear my anger, poor editing skillz, and oddly nasally, mannish voice!!111elevntyshift+1!