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Dinosaurs and Chairs

Like River Water: Unfiltered and Not Recomended For Human Consumption

April 22nd, 2009

Move along folks, nothing to see here just yet. @ 02:13 am

Teh journal is a little under-construction at the moment. There'll be something worth checking out here at some point, I promise. 'Til then, don't mind the dust; we hope to serve you better in the future.

April 11th, 2009

Nawt Ded! @ 03:07 am

No legacy update yet, because I fail, but I do have a non sims related rant! In video form!

Fear my hate for the new generation pokemon, and my oddly nasally, mannish voice and poor slideshowy editing skillz!


April 1st, 2009

The Lila Legacy PART 1 @ 11:24 pm

Woo! Legacy! There is probably some weird line breaks and misspellings, but I will fix those at a later date. It is kinda late and I just want to get it up because it is done, all not quite fifty images (I know, I suck hardcore. This is my first time doing this thing.

ETA Yeah, note to self: do not let scrapbook put together crap for me. I was never good at tables and don't want to break crap by fixing it. Next update will be better. I'm new at this.

Couldn't be bothered with making a teaser imageCollapse )

March 28th, 2009

The Eating of the Year Old Easter Peeps is (!) Postponed. @ 03:43 pm

Spring cleaning has been going on, and there is furniture to move and copies of tax forms from before my father met my mother to be shredded. The allure of this work and the reward of pizza when it is finished has pulled me away from my e-obligations for tonight. Also, there is inclement weather, which makes my connection go wonky, and I would no be able to guarantee my liveblogging.

But don't fret!, barring any acts of God, Nature, my mother, or my ISP, the consumption of the peeps shall occur on Sunday at 8 PM CST!

March 27th, 2009

Yeah.. about that update later in the week... @ 09:13 pm

... Probably not going to happen. Life got in the way All sorts of shit that has left me shaken, and I have one hell of a cough as well (still throaty. Earlier this winter I had one that stayed throaty for two weeks and then got chesty for a week and a half, then throaty again for another week before I got rid of it). I'll try for next week sometime.

Um, Proper Blog has a short ShamWoW! Guy related update, and:

Check out Proper Blog tomorrow (Saturday, March 28) at 8PM CST for LIVEBLOGING THE CONSUMPTION OF
Easter Text - http://www.eastertext.com


March 22nd, 2009

Woo! @ 05:15 pm

How I'm Doing: bouncy bouncy

Was up all night playing mah legacy after a bunch of compy issues, and only planned to take a little nap, but my mom shut off my alarm clock and it ended up being a long nap. I woke up and looked at the clock and was all RAGE'D, but my parents returned from the grocery store with fruit snacks shaped like sharks and Easter Peeps (!), and I was happy again.

Oh! Legacy, Coming Soon:

(The rest of the images are significantly less crappy, I promise. I turned the cam settings up once I moved her in. And she's a total sex pot.)

I'm calling it a legacy, but I'm not playing for points and am cheating because I wouldn't take out my hacks if you paid me. It are fun so far.

ETA: Expect gen 1 to be up late in the week. Tonight is the last night of spring break and I have a project due Tuesday (Boo English. I am not long winded enough to write a page about ANYTHING and I have to write like 3 and 1/2 D:)